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Punta chiappa

Punta Chiappa is an offshoot of the rock formation of conglomerate rock jutting out to sea for about fifty meters, bordering the west side of the marine reserve closed to the east of Portofino and the Golfo Paradiso.


Portofino is an Italian town of 479 inhabitants. The municipality is the smallest province of Genoa. It is unanimously considered one of the most picturesque seaside villages of the world.

San Fruttuoso

The Abbey of San Fruttuoso of Capodimonte is a church located in the bay of the same name in Camogli, Paradise in the Gulf of Genoa in the province, within the terrestrial and marine park of Portofino. The church is the parish seat of the Vicariate of the same name Recco Camogli-Out-the archdiocese of Genoa. The abbey was dedicated to St. Fruttuoso of Tarragona, the Spanish bishop and saint of the third century, whose ashes are kept at the abbey, where they were moved after the Arab invasion of Spain. The abbey is not reachable from any main road, but it can be accessed only by boat or along a steep path that descends from above Portofino overlooking the Golfo Paradiso. Near the monastery there is a bathing beach.

Cristo degli Abissi

In the bay of San Fruttuoso there is the famous statue of Christ of the Deep, located on the seabed in 1954 and restored in the nineties. Since 1983, the abbey is part of the architectural heritage of the Italian Environmental Fund, thanks to the donation of the owners. Periodically there are held concerts of classical music and light.

San Michele di Pagana

The coast of San Michele di Pagana sea is divided mainly into three bays: Pomaro, or Travello Trela ​​and prelates, each encased in a classic and typical Ligurian village with few houses, tall, narrow and the sea. The three bays are connected by a characteristic narrow cliff, along the sea, across the three core sailors. In the bay for a levy in May 2009 have shot some scenes, aired in January 2010, the Italian television soap opera Centovetrine.